Tibard Announces its Doubling its UK Factory Size

The 5th February began in Tameside cold and dark but that did not reflect the mood found within the Tibard factory in Dukinfield this Monday morning. At around 10:00 an announcement was made through all our internal communications to report to the embroidery floor at 11:00 for a whole staff meeting. With equal excitement and trepidation we all met, surrounded by the whirring Tajima machines wondering what this assembly would disclose.

Our chairman and founder John Shonfeld proceeded to then announce to us all that we had successfully purchased the adjacent industrial unit, meaning an effective doubling of our UK manufacturing and distribution operations. Such a plan to increase our size had been discussed for 3 years with complex negotiations but the confirmation that it had gone through and required no substantial relocation was greeted with ecstatic enthusiasm by all of our Tibard staff. We may serve some of the biggest names across the UK, but our heart will always be in Tameside and it was important to everyone to maintain that local connection.

Ian Mitchell, our managing director, stated the need for all of us to “embrace change” as this is without question our most ambitious project yet, which is really saying something considering we have relocated once before and expanded our current site twice in the 1990s! The most pertinent question to answers at this stage is what does this expansion mean for our customers?

Firstly, and most reassuringly, is the fact we are expanding, not moving. This will result in a complete continuity of service throughout the development and so all of our customers still know exactly where to call or go if they need us. We know our product distribution and service provision will remain the same as it is now because our current factory will be exactly as it is currently whilst we develop next door. We have built a fantastic foundation for our future growth so it would be a mistake to fundamentally alter our existing site while the new factory is being developed and furnished.

But once this process has been completed what will our new expanded site enable for Tibard’s customers? Well, we are almost doubling our total square footage so this facilitates enormous changes in our day to day operations. With such additional space we will be able to greatly increase our stock holding, meaning a reduced dependence on our suppliers. This will also lead to reduced dispatch times for our customers as we can hold greater stock for our more popular products, own brand or out-sourced. Furthermore, our internal production and embroidery/personalisation service will have greater space and room for expansion, if required, which we confidently anticipate it will. Again this will reduce our dispatch times. With both factories working in conjunction we will create a more efficient assembly line for our own products which will lead to a dramatic increase in our overall output.

We are confident that our customers will receive an even more streamlined service as a result of our expansion. We have outlined what this expansion means for Tibard’s customers but what are its implications for Tibard as a business.

Increased factory space with a more efficient production line will not only allow us to service our current customers more effectively but also enable us to pursue more of the ‘big names’ we know we can provide the best uniforms for at the most competitive prices. We have demonstrated our commitment to customer service and modernisation throughout our 39 years in business. So with this enlargement of our UK operations, our future looks brighter than ever!