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Why You Should Trust Tibard With Your Uniforms

April 22, 2014

Buying uniforms for your business is no easy task and despite a large number of businesses selling uniforms and workwear online, it can be hard to know who to trust. Tibard have been supplying workwear to some of the biggest businesses in the UK since 1979, manufacture many of our own products and have a dedicated support team based in Manchester. Want a Uniform? Trust Tibard.

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Welcome to the New Site

February 10, 2014

Today we have launched the new Tibard website and as there are some quite drastic changes, we want to give you a little bit of insight on the new features, layout and abilities the site has. Most importantly, we want to make sure that it is still easy and accessible to buy from us and that you can take advantage of some of the time and money saving features that the new site offers.

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How To Choose Restaurant Uniforms

January 06, 2014

One of the most important things in the restaurant and hospitality industry is constructing the right image that will ensure customers keep returning time after time. While your food and restaurant ambiance will ultimately play a big role in keeping customers happy, so too will the restaurant uniforms that your staff wear. It is important to complement the food that you serve with staff that look professional and are clearly distinguished as employees of the business.

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  • Chef Uniforms from Tibard

    Chefs Clothing

    If chefs clothing is what you desire, call upon us for a concise directory of the highest quality products available at just the right price! You will find the best deals and offers you could ever hope for! We are certain that you will not find a better resource for buying chefs clothing than this. Give it a try now and you will come back for more in the future! Tibard has a vast collection of kitchen whites at an unbeatable price range. Our extensive catalogue houses a host of products ranging from aprons to head-wear. You will not get a wider variety anywhere else! Try out Tibard, the one stop shop for kitchen whites, and we are sure that you will be thoroughly satisfied with what we have to offer! If you are looking for a trendy way to dress your restaurant staff, look no further! We have a wide range of chefs uniforms laid out for you to choose from! When you come to us, you are assured of the best deals and offers you could ever hope for! You will definitely not find a better guide to buying chefs uniforms than us. Try us now! If you are looking for the finest chefs wear, you need not go anywhere else since our extensive catalogue houses a host of chefs wear ranging from aprons and head-wear to jackets, and a very trendy urban wear. You will not get a wider variety in chefs wear anywhere else! Try us now, and we are sure that you will not be disappointed.

    Chef Whites

    If chef whites are in your list of needs, we will supply you with the best the market has to offer. Trust Tibard to give you the best deals on the highest quality chef whites at an extremely affordable price. Give us a chance to serve you. The motto of our service is complete customer satisfaction. We guarantee you customised services and solutions for meeting your every need. If you believe that chef clothes are the need of the hour, we have exactly what you need! Upon going through our classy chef clothes range, you will be amazed by its quality and finesse. You will find a wide range of quality chef clothes designed specifically to suit your taste and needs. Choose from a host of our products, all at the click of a button. So why wait? Tibard is well known for its chefs coats and it beautiful style and grace. The chefs coat is the centrepiece of the chefswear outfit and our chefs coats are expertly crafted from the highest-quality fabrics available. Tibard are the top premium chefs coat seller in the UK.