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Tibard offer a great range of men’s business shirts, a staple for nearly all corporate uniforms. The range features a selection of styles, long sleeve, short sleeve a variety of colours and designs, meaning this category has a product for everyone looking to add a professional, executive look to their corporate uniform.

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Business Shirts

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    Business Shirts from Tibard

    Business shirts are an extremely popular choice for almost all corporate uniforms you will find, it is unlikely to find an executive work force not in business shirts. For this reason it is important here at Tibard for us to carry suitable products for everyone seeking corporate wear for work.

    Tibard’s range includes a selection featuring both short sleeve shirts, and long sleeve shirts, suitable executive wear for all seasons, and to fit specifically to your workplaces etiquette. The collection of colours is large, allowing you to either stick to the traditional white or blue shirts, or even switch things up to keep your corporate clothing looking fresh with a range of different colours.

    The styles available include the classic oxford shirt, fitted shirts, and tailored fit, poplin and twill shirts. Thanks to all these different styles and colours, our shirts are popular over a variety of different industries, purchased by people looking to make great first impressions and looking to give off an executive, professional feel.

    Our personalisation services are something to consider when purchasing any uniform style on the Tibard online store, including this selection of shirts. Embroider your company’s logo or name onto your shirt to make them personalised to your workplace, unique, and set apart from your competitors.

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    With a number of different shirt fabrics available from our online store, this guide attempts to provide you with the information you need to help you make a more informed decision when it comes to purchasing shirts or blouses, based on your specific requirements.

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