Tax Relief for your Uniform

The supply of uniforms is not uniform across Britain. Certain employers provide it for their staff whilst others require their employees to buy or have their own. With regards to both, Tibard can look after both the employers and employees through our fantastic uniform services or our extensive product catalogue.

However, this article is primarily aimed at the latter. Buying and maintaining your own uniform can provide you a sense of real ownership and it can give you more freedom with your look. But it can also be expensive! Surprisingly, the taxman might be able to help. Did you know that if you are ‘cleaning, repairing and replacing’ your own uniform or specialist clothing you are eligible for a tax rebate?

Indeed, if you have had to look after or replace your uniform over the past 4 years you can claim on all of those expenses. You simply have to process it through your annual HMRC Self-Assessment tax return due online on the 31st January each year. Alternatively, you could use our partner Uniform Tax Rebates to help guide you through the process. They are fantastic at getting the best deal for you and tend to average a £112 rebate, almost three times the standard uniform rebate figure. We cannot recommend them enough!

Any employee who wears a uniform for work is eligible, provided its mandatory for your position. According to, the standard rebate comes to £48.00 but depending on your profession this can be significantly higher. Realistically, most of our customers will not receive the largest rebate, probably around or just under the standard amount, but for maybe an hour’s work it is definitely worth it! Claiming on the ‘initial cost’ of your uniform seems something of a grey area as HMRC state it is not eligible but several financial advisors suggest it can be done.

It is important to note that almost any expense you incur for work whether that be uniform, equipment or travel is eligible for a rebate, so what do we advise:

  1. Know what you are expected to supply yourself
  2. Keep every receipt, even those which might not be directly relevant
  3. Do your research, The Government’s Tax Relief page is easy to use
  4. Either do it yourself when you’re filling in your annual Self-Assessment
  5. Or use Uniform Tax Rebates to help you get the best deal with minimal fuss

At Tibard, we feel it’s important to share this information with our customers because if the help is there you might as well use it and it will help lighten the load. Just another part of our uniform expertise!