High Visibility Vests

Tibard sell a range of high visibility vests which are the perfect option for those who do not always need to wear PPE all of the time during their work. These bibs are easy to wear over any other clothing and are also highly affordable, durable and well made. Available in both standard high visibility colours, yellow and orange, these bibs are an ideal way to stay seen and keep safe on a budget.

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High Visibility Vests

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    Tibard's High Visibility vests

    High visibility or hi viz vests are the perfect solution to the problem of remaining safe at work and being seen at night. While there are a variety of different high visibility solutions available, such as our range of hi viz jackets, these are often far more expensive options because you are paying for a high quality jacket too. What a high visibility bib or vest allows you to do, is simply transform your existing quality work jackets or daily clothing into a safety jacket at a very low cost. This means in winter or cold weather you can wear your favourite jacket plus a bib to keep warm and in summer or hot weather you can simply wear a bib over your clothing.

    We offer a large range of bibs from a variety of different well known workwear and high viz clothing brands in order to give you the best possible choice. Many small features will differ from product to product, some will have Velcro fastenings, some will have no fastenings, there is a range of colours and of course products to suit a range of budgets. The important thing is that we offer you great choice so you have the best chance of finding the right product for you, your business or the situation you will use it in. If you are buying for a business then you will benefit from our bulk discounts savings which offers you a lower unit price the more you buy, plus businesses may also be interested in applying a company logo which you can do online.

    Our range of high visibility bibs are highly useful for just about anyone, no matter whether it is part of an industrial type uniform or not. These bibs are highly affordably and can be worn with any clothing. Having one of these in the boot of your car is perfect for breakdowns and emergencies and ensures that you will be visible in the face of traffic.

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