Uniforms & Workwear in Blackburn

A uniform can make or break the look of a business, it’s important to choose the clothing that works for your work. At Tibard we’re here to help by supplying and delivering to your business in Blackburn.

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Uniforms & Workwear in Blackburn

A high-quality uniform is an essential when you have a successful business as your staff need to be looking great and without worrying about low-quality materials ruining that image. At Tibard we have over forty years of experience in supplying and producing great looking uniforms for the hospitality industry in Blackburn and beyond. So you can be assured that every piece from our affordable range to our selection of high-end workwear will be a great addition to your new or existing uniform. And all of our pieces have been chosen by our expert team for their great quality and wide-ranging popularity.

Of course, being a uniform company is more than just providing bulks orders of aprons and t-shirts. It’s about providing excellent service no matter the stage or the size of your uniform order. That’s why our friendly team of uniform experts are there to help you every step of the way as your uniform becomes a part of your business’ identity. From simple shirts to tailored trousers we have the right clothing for you to finally project that image you’ve always strived for.

Workwear Blackburn Services

We also accommodate a variety of business models therefore we have a range of uniform supplying options to suit you. If you need to rent uniform rather purchase we have a whole team set up that for you to make the whole process easy. Or if you need bespoke uniform design then you’ll be happy to know we have been making and manufacturing uniform in the UK for over 40 years. One quick phone call and we can start the journey to your specifically designed piece.  

Our Laundry Network is one of our most popular uniform services. Ensuring your uniforms are maintained to the highest quality is important for any business whether it’s restaurant uniform or hi-vis clothing. With our relationships with commercial laundry services in Blackburn you’ll never have to worry about getting your uniforms cleaned properly again.

Blackburn Workwear by Sector

Throughout the wide range of sectors in Blackburn, uniform holds a special importance in the way it improves productivity and the ease of work every day.

For example at Tibard we’re very proud of the chefswear we make and manufacture in the UK, we know that chefs have certain requirements when it comes to their workwear. As heat protecting, the smart chef whites look and full range of motion to accommodate the busy working day of a top chef.

 So we’ve taken extra care to produce our signature chef jackets and trouser and we do the same with any product we make onsite. We also make sure to offer the best prices for the quality uniforms ensuring they’re accessible to everyone from small restaurants to larger chains.

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Why Choose Tibard for Workwear and Uniform in Blackburn

You should choose Tibard for all your workwear needs because we’re a small business with a big operation. We have over forty years of experience providing top quality uniforms in and around the Blackburn, Darwen & Clitheroe area. We know that uniform is a unique decision for everyone. From large international business and small independent companies, we embrace the challenges and celebration of the modern business world. With a number of services to help you order your uniform with ease including over the phone, via website and through a specified cloud system.

Tibard's Staff Uniforms Statistics

Experience is not just proven by understanding a sector of workwear - we have the stats to back it up - this is why we believe we are the supplier of choice for your staff uniforms. While the numbers do not tell the whole story of our expertise, these are key statistics that we are particularly proud of and which contribute to Tibard being Uniform in our Expertise. 

  • Logos Applied Last Year.

  • Items Dispatched On Time Last Year.

  • Garments Manufactured At Our UK Factory.

  • Garments Manufactured In Our Global Network.

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