Premier Products with the Tibard Touch


2017 has seen some dramatic changes to the hospitality and catering industry. The rise of cultural phenomena such as ‘Dinnertainment’ are revolutionising how we experience and engage with the traditional ‘meal-out’.

Good food is simply no longer enough! In a world where we feel increasingly like a mass of individuals, people are crying out for relationships! Sitting, eating and leaving is not what the 2018 customer wants. They want to feel part of the experience, to be treated like a celebrity and have a close relationship with their favourite restaurant, café, pub or bar. And what’s the simplest way to get your message and identity across? Staff.

Service industry users, like your customers, are constantly crying out for physical evidence of their experience. In hospitality this is exceptionally hard. One proven method is providing your staff with a smart, durable uniform which looks great, generates an identity and most of all gives the right message to your customers. If your staff belong, your customers belong!

Premier’s new Vintage Inspired collection of shirts are a fantastic new addition to Tibard’s comprehensive catalogue. They offer what we predict to be the look of 2018 for hospitality. Smart-casual! The traditional white or black formal shirt/blouse has become so common it’s almost formulaic. Alternatively, the simple T-shirt and apron does not exude the quality and brand image several restaurants and other eateries want!

Premier’s Mulligan, Sidehill and Ginmill check cotton shirts, coming early 2018, provide the perfect middle ground. Formal yet approachable, durable but stylish. They are a fantastic vehicle to portray to your customers what your restaurant, café, pub or bar is all about! Whether that be somewhere to relax after a long day or somewhere trendy to be seen at, the versatility of these new shirts cannot be overstated.

Several reputable suppliers will stock these sensational shirts, they’ll provide a nice, easy-to-use website for you to buy from. But that’s it! At Tibard you don’t just buy from us, you invest in us. For nearly 40 years we have provided the hospitality and catering industry the complete service package. You can buy from us, personalise with us and launder with us. That’s why it’s an investment, not simply another purchase!

We started this article advocating the demand for relationships in our modern world. But that’s not just you with your customers. It’s your business with ours! What sets us truly apart though, more than our comprehensive service, is our flexibility.

If you want to just buy 12 of the Premier Mulligan shirts, 6 male, 6 female and leave it at that, great! If you want to buy 1 shirt and have your logo embroidered on by one of our exceptionally trained staff, we can do that too! Or if you want to make the relationship more long term we can set up one of our innovative Cloud Stores where everything is just a few clicks away, all part of what we can offer you! As much and as little as you need, Tibard can do it!

So when 2018 comes around, and you want to galvanise your customer’s dining experience then why not try Premier’s Vintage check short collection? But always remember, Tibard is the only place to go!