Tibard set to battle the big names at the Retail System Awards


We are thrilled to announce that we have been shortlisted for the 2018 Retail System Awards in the category of Online Innovation of the Year. The Online Innovation being the Tibard Cloud Stores. To be shortlisted alongside companies such as John Lewis, New Look and Nisa is a tremendous honour, and shows just how ground breaking our Cloud Stores truly are and how we are ahead of our competitors at embracing the very digital future.


Now in their 13th year, the Retail System Awards have been growing in notoriety over the past few years with the 2018 iteration having their most categories and entries so far. Retail Systems, the hosts, are one of the leading business websites for IT in multi-channel retail, which to you or I means how businesses use technology to expand how customers interact with them. It rewards innovation and is a fantastic insight into how companies will be operating in the future. For instance, in 2016 Virgin Trains won the Customer Experience Initiative of the Year award for the text-based alert system (i.e getting a text to remind you of your booking and times) now commonplace when you book your train journeys online. Such things may seem obvious now, but someone has to do it first.  


To have our very own Cloud Stores held in such company shows exactly why Tibard is leading the way in uniform management in the UK. The application and submission process for this award nomination was comprehensive, consisting of over 2,000 words and annotated diagrams outlining who we are, what we do, why we chose to develop the Cloud Stores and why they have been successful. Every aspect of our business will have been diligently assessed and illustrates why to be shortlisted alongside such huge names in British business is a remarkable achievement.


No innovation is perfect from the outset, and we cannot profess to having our Cloud Stores exactly how we like them, even now. But we have taken a plunge into something daring, exciting and have completely revolutionised how we handle some of our most important clients. We have laid the foundations for a completely streamlined uniform order management system unlike anything else on the market and the difference for our clients is evident. That’s why we have more products, addresses, sizes added to each Cloud Store on a weekly basis and more and more customers enquiring to have their own set up. Their just so user-friendly, simple and efficient they take away hours of work for your business. If you’re interested in having your own set up or just to have a look at how the process works, click here.


As a business, we at Tibard have always been relationship-orientated. We continually ensure every customer’s needs are treated on an individual basis and it shows. When people join us, they stay with us. We strongly believe the Cloud Stores are the next step in our future but we equally believe it won’t be for everyone, and that’s completely fine. At the end of the day we serve you and our greatest strength is our ability to respond to any challenge you give us. Nonetheless, we are immensely proud to be shortlisted for this award and fingers crossed we are victorious on the 27th June.