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Tibard provides the Devonshire Group the full uniform experience

Devonshire Hotels and Restaurants Group appears something of a misnomer, with all of their properties and venues located either in historic Yorkshire or Derbyshire. However, their name stems from their aristocratic heritage, specifically the holdings of the Cavendish family, the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire. As part of their push for modernisation and sustainability they converted some of their properties into luxury hotels, restaurants and other venues on their estates. Devonshire originally got in touch with us to use our Tibard Laundry here in Manchester but a combination of our services and hard work we were able to persuade them to use Tibard for their uniform needs. To have such a prestigious client is an absolute honour for a family business such as ours. With so many different sites and yet with such a distinctive brand, Devonshire wanted a uniform which was consistent across their properties but also individual to the respective locations and the services they offered.


For instance, when we designed their uniform for the Devonshire Arms Hotel & Spa they required a chef uniform, front-of-house uniforms for both day-to-day service and for events such as weddings and a spa uniform. Due to our expansive catalogue, we were able to find the best products for them, ranging from the finest quality Oliver Harvey aprons, to Brook Taverners suiting, to Tibard’s chef trousers to even ordinary polos and fleeces. But an operation as quality-orientated as Devonshire required more than just a great range of products. They utilised our personalisation offering, specifically our embroidery service with their aprons, fleeces, polos and jackets all now styled with their logo which draws influence from the Cavendish families’ heraldry. They have also retained the use of our laundry service for their uniform and other linens. And to centralise their uniform management, we are currently developing a Cloud Store for them, so all of their products and services are only a few clicks away. We have even prepared a uniform guide for all of their staff, so they know exactly what’s expected of them in terms of apparel. Regardless of size, age or reputation, we at Tibard pride ourselves on offering a unique service to each of our customers. Devonshire Hotels and Restaurants are a prime example of how with a strong relationship and communication we can provide all of your uniform needs in a straight-forward manner.


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