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The Derbyshire town of Buxton’s spa history can be traced back from 80 AD when the town’s natural springs were utilised for Roman bathhouses. Since then, it has been a popular tourist destination for its famed pale blue water erupting from springs in the heart of the town. One of its most impressive sights is the Grade I listed Buxton Crescent. Ensana decided to renovate this majestic building and return the site to its former glory, making the Crescent a 5-star, 81 room hotel with a unique luxury spa all opposite the famous St. Anne’s Well. We were eager to be a part of this magnificent project so when we learned the opportunity was there, we harnessed almost every aspect of our business to ensure we were a part of this story. Providing chef uniforms and laundry services is what we have been doing for over 40 years. We had worked with the hotel’s Head Chef Mark Walker before, and he was delighted to use us again. We provided them designer Oliver Harvey chef jackets and aprons, embroidered with their logo of course and all manufactured in Manchester. All with a weekly laundry collection with their garments washed to HSE guidelines for thermal disinfection. And because they chose our Rental service too, they paid nothing upfront with the uniform being financed on a 2-year contract.

But we provided more than just their chefwear. Their managers, food and beverage and front of house all required a new, sophisticated uniform to reflect the heritage of the venue, the level of investment they had received and the quality they wished to exude. Naturally, this was an incredibly competitive process as other uniform providers were eager to be a part of this regeneration story. We had to harness various aspects of our business to achieve this. Firstly, our uniform design. We provided design boards, samples and swatches to the garments we felt suited Buxton Crescent perfectly. This included a bespoke, contract manufactured turquoise backed waistcoat for F&B. We also sourced high performance suiting for all their departments because as well as needing to look professional to impress the clientele they had to be able to do their jobs seamlessly. As well as suiting, we also provided some stylish shirts and blouses and Oliver Harvey aprons. We are truly honoured to have been chosen to be the uniform supplier for such a prestigious hotel in our region. Our combination of services, namely uniform rental, laundry, design and contract manufacturing is what we feel make us stand out from the crowd and it is something Buxton Crescent were able to utilise to their own advantage.

“I wanted to thank you so much for your support and quick response to our orders. Tibard have been so accommodating and we are so pleased with the uniform”

Lisa Towndrow – HR Manager


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