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Tibard earns its stripes by supplying well known workwear to one of the UK’s best loved restaurant chains.

When we were first approached by TGI Fridays we were delighted at the prospect of working with one of the most distinctive and best loved restaurant chains in the world. We began our work with them in 2011 when they were struggling to source the iconic braces that their serving staff are so well known for. Fortunately, our team of managed uniform account experts were able to consistently source the key product for TGI Fridays and from thereon the relationship blossomed.

Over time, more and more of TGI Fridays uniform requirements were entrusted to Tibard including of course, our own range of manufactured chefs wear. Many other elements of the uniforms that were required are bespoke to TGI Fridays and as such, there is the need for a very fine management of production in order to forecast staff changes, new openings and ensure that the supply of shirts, blouses and polo shirts is uninterrupted.


When you consider the sheer size of the TGI Fridays chain in the UK, it is easy to see how big a relationship this is. Fridays have over 55 locations and employ over 3,000 people which means a very large amount of uniforms are required to keep their staff looking great. With locations ranging from Aberdeen to Norwich, the whole task that Tibard is set is a complex one which requires a very keen handle on logistics.

“I would personally like to thank you for all your hard work and dedication to TGI Fridays. The uniform category is such a difficult category for us to manage with long lead times and the need to stock a range of sizes, but you have made the whole process as pain free as possible.”

Alyson Scott. Purchasing Director


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